My One Income Budget

Finances is hard for anyone to talk about whether you’re single or married. But I wanted to share what my finances look like: debt and all. As a social worker, I’m all too familiar with having some sort of self disclosure and transparency with my clients, so this will be no different. 

Below is my current budget, excluding health insurance and retirement (pension), since these items are taken straight out of my paycheck before I even see the money.

Desiree’s Monthly Expenses Due Date Credit Card Balances
Rent $1,000.00 due by the 5th Captial One $213.33
BGE $92.00 13th Care Credit $895.32
Comcast $55.59 12th Lane Bryant $501
DayCare $650.00 1/2 every other Mon. Total $1,609.65
Car Insurance $244.92 17th
Renter’s Insurance $16.84 17th Student Loan Balances
Capital One (Credit Card) $25.00 28th AES $24,016.15
AES $199.98 17th Navient $57,021.44
Lane Bryant Fed Loan Srv. $65,731.07
Care Credit Total $146,768.66
T-Mobile $120.00 15th/last day
Total Monthly Bills $2,404.33


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