Cutting the Cord: How I Saved $124/Mo. By Getting Rid of Cable

When my ex and I were living together I covered the cable bill and he covered the BGE. I never automated my payments and would just pay monthly or every 2 months. Of course that system didn’t work because the bill would get behind and I mean waaaaayyy behind; to the tune of over $700. So after receiving my tax refund one year, I paid off the balance and finally took a look at the bill, something most folks rarely do and could really save you some serious dough. 

By looking at the bill I found out that we were being over charged for services and even charged us for home installation when we did a self install, purposely to save on the install fee. Our plan for cable (including HBO & Starz) and internet was costing us about $180 a month, that’s a whooping $2160 per year, plus the cost of late fees, it could easily be $3000 a year. I eventually received a credit to my account for the overcharges but I knew I could save even more money,

I had to put a stop to this and to stop putting a hurting on my pockets. So I cut the cable plan. While it took him some time to get over (I did it after football season) we both realized we never watched what we were paying for. My favorite channels are HGTV, The Food Network, ABC and anything for the boys. His were History, Discovery and Sports. I went to my local Comcast office and turned in my cable boxes. I found that turning them in in-person was more beneficial  because I was able to get a better deal on our internet plan than overthe phone. Before going in I called customer service to see how this change would effect my bill. By cutting cable, I would’ve still been charged about $80/month for Internet. I didn’t agree with the price which prompted me to go in to turn in my equipment rather than mail it in. The process was simple and painless. I was in and out in about 20minutes and walked out with an Internet bill of about $45 plus a $10 monthly fee for the modem for a total of $55.59 per month. 

A sisterfriend of mine told me about the Roku box and how you could pretty much customize it to what you actually watch and she was absolutely right. I purchased the Roku 2 & 3 from Best Buy, they were running a sale and I got both for about $120 (one time fee). Hooking them up took less than 10 minutes. I plugged them in and linked them to my internet connection.  After seeing the interface it was easy to customize to our favorite channels. I currently have and use my mother’s Netflix subscription, my aunt’s Hulu Plus subscription and my sister friend’s Amazon Prime subscription. I also added the PBS Kids channel and HBO Go (through my mother’s cable provider). Yes you could call me a moocher lol but it’s a fair trade overall, everyone gets free internet when they come over lol. 

With TV pretty much going with online streaming it was easy to make the switch. The only downside at first was having to catch my favorite shows the day after they aired but with the cost of a $20 antenna (and housewarming gift from my aunt) I’m still able to watch some local channels which include ABC, NBC and Fox.

So yes cutting the cord can be done! I was able to save myself $124/month which is about $1500 per year. A lot of money that could go towards savings or paying down a debt.

How do you feel about cord cutting? Have you been able to make the switch?


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